Website Maintenance

Keeping your business up to date with the latest trends and practices is a norm for any ambitious entrepreneur/business owner. Maintaining your website is a part of this holistic business renovation endeavour. As years pass by, your website starts getting an old weary look and loses its aesthetic sheen. On the other hand, when you start getting more and more clients online, the load increases at the cost of speed and efficiency.

Website maintenance comes in two forms, namely upgrading the website design and improving the functional performance. Every business has a different website maintenance requirement. All you have to do is to identify your requirements and contact us. Our dedicated team of web developers will try out your website and check for any further problems including inconspicuous glitches.

Also, if you are not satisfied with your current website design, we can count on our web designing team. Our web designing team will take care of making your website look sleek, sorted and of course, attractive.

Here are some most commonly understood reasons, why website maintenance takes centre stage time to time.:

  • Redundant Graphics: Also labelled as ‘bland aesthetics’ this problem is a significant turn off for potential clients. Remember that feel when you visit any old 90s website and all you can see are some boring basic HTML graphics and marquee text that was one of the most impressive features of its time. Nowadays, even if your website was build five to six years back, it's already a 'relic'.
  • Glitches: If any user comes across an obvious technical glitch that can actually lead to reducing your business’s credibility in his perception. A website glitch may seem trivial, but actually has a lot of impact the way people rank your credibility. It’s like a termite induced rot for your credibility.
  • Slow Response: Although this can be counted as a kind of glitch, it deserves to have its own position as a problem. A slow response website will obviously annoy any customer, especially during peak business hours. It not only annoys a visitor but also directs him to a rival.