Domain Registration

Domain Registration is one of the first steps to get your website done and with Crimzon Crazy you do not need to worry on how and what to register. We not only help you to register your domain but also suggest you with alternatives and help you finalize on the best possible option. You can very well say that with years of experience in the industry we are virtually giving you domain registration consultancy for free with our services.

We try and help you get the maximum returns of this very simple but yet important process of Internet Marketing. We are domain reseller for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz,, .in, .co .mobi and other 50 (TLD's - Top Level Domain) extension. Although there are many domain resellers but with Crimzon Crazy, you can always look forward to our consultancy in helping you decide the next big brand of the World Wide Web.


A web hosting means a hiring space on server which allows an individual or a company to make their website visible on the internet via web protocol.

Crimzon Crazy, as a complete web solution company in Mumbai offers reliable web hosting services at affordable rates. Our website hosting packages are specifically designed to meet any level of requirements by the clients. We also offer you customized hosting plans as per your business needs.

We provide hosting on Linux and Windows servers, suitable for static and dynamic website whichever preferred by clients depending on their web development platforms like PHP, ASP,, Java, etc.